Jessica Simpsons stars in this commercial for Weight Watchers Simple Start. She is playing in the yard with her young daughter and her dog, explaining how easy it is to start losing weight now, with Weight Watchers new Simple Start plan. 
"Weight Watchers Winter 2014: Jessica Simpson + Simple Start"

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Remember how simple life was when we were little? When our only job was having fun? Well, it's feeling pretty simple again thanks to Weight Watchers new Simple Start. I started losing weight right away. And I'm having a lot of fun. New Simple Start, a two week jump-start to a whole new beginning. Get motivation at meetings like I did, or do it entirely online. Weight Watchers. Your new beginning starts here.

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Remember how simple life was when we were little? 
Weight Watchers 
Simple Start 
2 week jump-start 
meetings or online 
1 800 START NOW 
your new beginning starts here

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