"KGB - In the Hole" 
This banned Super Bowl ad begins with a man and woman driving up in a golf cart. The walk up to two woman who tell them their problem. Their husbands were talking about global warming, and one of the men was uninformed and "had his head up his ass". The wives called KGB to settle a question. The men are walking around with their heads literally up their butts, and they are knocking into things because they can't see.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We got a call. 
It's my husband. 
What happened? 
We were in the pro shop. He and Bob were discussing global warming and... 
He's got his head up his ass. 
Not the first time. 
Sir, are you alright in there? 
Who said that. 
Who's Bob? 
My husband. Over there. 
Next time your husbands don't have a clue, make sure they text KGB first. 
Always know what you're talking about. Text your questions to 542 542. 
It's in the hole.

Written Text

Text your questions to 542542 
Answers cost just $0.99 each.

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