"Bud Light - Skinny Dipping" 
This banned Super Bowl ad starts out with a couple at a hotel pool at night. The woman suggests they go for a swim, but the guy says he doesn't have a suit. She suggests that they just go in naked, and he agrees. They think they are alone, but there is a bar below that has a window to the pool, so an entire bar full of people see them skinny dipping.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Great night for a swim. 
I don't have my bathing suit. 
That's okay, neither do I. Look at the moon. What could possibly make this night more perfect? 
Barkeep - Bud Light! 
With a great taste that won't fill you up and never lets you down, make it a Bud Light.

Written Text

Bud Light

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