This is a commercial for the video game, Clash of Clans: You and This Army". 
"Clash of Clans: You and This Army (Official TV Commercial)"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We're gonna need more barbarians. 
Did someone say, hog rider? 
No, barbarians. 
Hog rider? 
Oh. I thought you said hog rider. 
You and this army. Clash of Clans. Download for free. 
(Lyrics) I can laugh when things ain't funny 
Ha ha Happy go lucky me 
Yes I can smile when I ain't got no money 
Doo doo do do Happy go lucky me 
Life is sweet  
Ha ha ha ha 
Happy go lucky me

Written Text

You And This Army 
Clash of Clans

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