"Pub Desigual #oserastu 2014" 
This advert begins with a sexy brunette woman getting dressed in a very short dress. She starts putting on her lipstick in front of a mirror, and her reflection puts it on her cheeks like war paint surprising the woman. The reflection then calls in some men who start dancing with her as the woman gets used to the weird experience and has some ideas of her own. 
Change de mode et ose afficher nos tenues pour briller pendant les fĂȘtes ! Elles t'iront forcĂ©ment comme un gant! 
Change display mode and dare to shine our outfits for the holidays! They will always go like a glove!

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

la vida es chula

Written Text

2014 approche (2014 approaches) 
Oseras-tu? (Do you dare?) 
Desigual la vida es chula! (Desigual life is cool!) 
La vie est chouette (Life is nice)

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