Check out NJOY Electronic Cigarette's breakthrough new video featuring Avicii's #1 hit single "Hey Brother"! It is the first to tell the category truth, that there is a real alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.That we all have friends and loved ones who smoke and who wish they didn't... And neither do we. We should encourage our friends and loved ones as their New Year's resolutions take shape to make the switch. Now YOU can return the favor for that friend in your life who's always been there for you: this New Year please share this video and tell them about the first true alternative, the NJOY King Electronic Cigarette. Happy New Year! -  
"Return the Favor: Friends Don't Let Friends Smoke"

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For everything friends do for each other, this new year, return the favor. Friends don't let friends smoke. Give them the only electronic cigarette worth switching to: The NJOY King. Cigarettes, you've met your match. 
(Lyrics) Hey brother, there's an endless road to rediscover 
Oh if the sky comes falling down for you 
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do

Written Text

Cigarettes, you've met your match. 

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