Pizza Hut celebrates 20 years of online ordering. With Ace of Base. Serving up some 1994 realness. 
"Pizza Hut Commercial: 20 Years of Online Ordering"

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In 1994, Ace of Base became a household name with 'The Sign'. But more importantly, Pizza Hut became the first ever online order. Now the biggest pizza destination in the world is at your fingertips. And to celebrate 20 years of digital greatness, we're offering 50% off pizzas ordered online when you sign up for Hut Lovers. That's 50%, but only through January 10th. 50%, that's huge! I saw the sign but wow, it really opened up my eyes. And we brought it round to Ace of Base again. So go for greatness, people. Pizza Hut. Making it great. 
(Lyrics) I saw the sign 
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign

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50% Off Pizza Online  
Medium and Large Pizzas When You Sign Up For Hut Lovers 
50% Off Now Through Jan 10 
Go For Greatness 
Make It Great 
Pizza Hut

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