"Parking inspectors got what they deserve!" 
This advert begins with two tough looking guys driving up on the street, getting out grabbing a parking ticket off a car and throwing it away. They then walk up to a parking inspector (meter maid) and look like they are going to fight with them. Instead, they give them hugs. They then walk around the city and give hugs to any of the ticket-writers they can find. Nobody like these people because they pass out fines, and Milka decided that they needed some love. 
After winning a grand prix at Europbest, Milka now spreads the tenderness amoungst parking inspectors. This movie is the result of an online campaign where consumers could send compliments to one an other ( After the first 10.000 compliments where send it was time for Milka to return the favor. This online camping and the movie are part of a bigger content campaign that Brand New Telly makes for the Modelez brand Milka in the Benelux.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You're so steady 
You're so steady 
You're so steady when you're out of control 
You dance tight 
So tight (yeah) 
You dance tight when you're out of control 
And I can't resist, when you push and pull 
I'm all for you 
But you're driving me crazy 
Oh oh oh 
She's like a needle 
I'm on the floor 
She's so illegal 
I want some more 
It's so bad, so bad 
It's so bad and it makes me mad 
You got soul, no goal (yeah) 
You got soul but you're out of control

Written Text

You guys gave 10.000 compliments on Facebook 
Time for Mlika to return the favour 
Dare to be tender 
Port Authority 
Port of Rotterdam 
Rosaliastraat bereikbaar via Katshoek 
Do you think hugging parking inspectors is strange? 
Just wait for the following Milka tender surprise after the next 10,000 compliments 
Go to give a compliment and have a shot at winning an iPad 
Music by: Diesel Disko - "Out of Control"

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