"Old Spice | How to Scent Responsibly with Re-Fresh Body Sprays" 
Do you like females and smelling great? Do you like technology? Do you like stock video footage and synthesizers from the '80s? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you'll love new Re-Fresh body sprays from Old Spice.

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Since the dawn of time, man has pondered life's single most important question: "How can I do manly man stuff, but still smell great all day long?" Sadly, scientists with all of their beakers and Bunsen burners and big words have completely failed mankind by creating scents that fade too quickly causing men to compensate with tragic over-spray. But finally after 45,000 years of rigorous research (and occasional bikini parties), Old Spice has engineered the answer to all of man's problems. Behold - Old Spice Re-Fresh, and the new amazing odor fighting donuts of smell good stuff - or OFDOSGS's for short. Refresh technology deploys the odor fighting doughnuts to help keep guys smelling great all day with just one spray. Hmmm, that rhymes. 
How does it work, you ask? How is this even possible, you ask? How does this guy know what I'm asking, you ask? Well, first you pick up a can of Old Spice Re-fresh body spray in whatever scent you lady desires. Next, remove your shirt. Your clothes are for wearing and not for spraying. And hold the can 6 inches from your body and spray across your chest while saying, "Super models love my face" in a firm, believable voice. This will ensure a precise two-second spray. Any longer and you'll create a black hole of smell tearing apart the very fabric of space and time. Now, go and sweat with abandon because those little donuts you just sprayed on your body are actually sweat-activated scent missiles filled with smell good stuff. At the first sign of trouble, they initiate an anti-stink attack neutralizing odor molecules. But that's not all. Those odor fighting pastries not only stop odor, they release fragrance ensuring you'll always smell fantastic and fresh in the face of danger - or good looking librarians. And these donuts don't just work once. They work as many times as you need them to making sure that one spray lasts all day. And there you have it. Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Sprays with odor-fighting doughnuts slash scent missiles. Keeping guys smelling fresh like never before. You can pick up the pieces of your blown mind now.

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How can I do manly man stuff, but still smell great all day long? 
? ? ? ??? 
Tragic Overspray 
The Answer 
Old Spice Re-Fresh, Old Spice Refresh, Oldspice Re-Fresh, Oldspice Refresh 
Wolfthorn, Bearglove 
Supermodels love my face.

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