This is a commercial for the return of the television show, 'Arrow' with all new episodes, on The CW. 
"Arrow - Blast Radius Trailer"

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He's out there somewhere. 
The man in the skull mask, who is he?! 
Something about him just seems off. 
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were coming to me like a jealous ex-boyfriend.  
You gotta send some officers here. All of 'em. 
You need to get out of there, now! 
I'm still on parole! 
Not anymore. 
Arrow. All new episodes return Wednesday, January 15th on The CW. 
(Lyrics) We're all dancing in a black hole 
When all we wanna do is rock and roll

Written Text

The CW 
January 15 
All New 
The Hunt 
The CW 
TV Now

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