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Have you decided yet? 
What about New York? 
(Lyrics) Morning, it's another pure grey morning 
Don't know what the day is holding 
When I get uptight 
And I walk right into the path of a lightning bolt 
Siren of an ambulance comes howling 
Right through the center of town and 
No one blinks an eye 
And I look up to the sky for the path of the lightning bolt 
Met her as the angels parted for her 
But she only brought me torture 
But that's what happens 
When it's you that's standing in the path of a lightning bolt 
Everyone I see just wants the walk with gritted teeth 
But I just stand by and I wait my time 
They say you gotta toe the line, they want the water not the wine 
But when I see the signs I jump on that lightning bolt

Written Text

To escape 
British Airways  
Holiday Finder 
To explore 
To be inspired 
New York Hotels 
To lie in 
To start dreaming 
To not worry 
To pack everything 
To holidays 
taken care of 
To Fly. To Serve. 
British Airways 
Book your holiday at

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