"The Sun - Get Holiday Ready - Grey London" 
This advert shows people doing summer / vacation / holiday type things in the winter to prepare for the warm season. 
* A man opens two shade umbrellas at a time 
* A woman cleans all the sweaters and warm clothes out of her closet 
* A man blows up inflatable pool/beach toys 
* A man tries on his Speedo swimsuit 
* A father tries running with 7 ice cream cones at once 
* An old man does exercises while his wife plays paddle ball 
* A guy throws flying disks (Frisbees) for his dog 
* A couple packs their car with all their summer gear 
* A woman tries to fill a suitcase with books she wants to read

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Grab Winter by the beach balls, and let's get holiday ready. Holidays from 9.50. Only inside The Sun.

Written Text

The Sun 
Hols from 9.50

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