Popular new band The Neighbourhood stopped by Amazon to perform "Sweater Weather" and a few other songs from their debut album, "I Love You."  
"The Neighbourhood -- Live at Amazon"

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You can discover the best new artists at amazon mp3, like The Neighbourhood, whose album, 'I Love You' was a customer favorite in 2013. Check out more at and download The Neighbourhood's debut album, I Love You from Amazon MP3. The right music for you 
(Lyrics) She knows what I think about 
And what I think about 
One love, two mouths 
One love, one house 
No shirt, no blouse 
Just us, you find out 
'Cause it's too cold 
For you here and now 
So let me hold 
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

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The Neighbourhood 
i love you 
Sweater Weather 
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