This is a trailer for the 2013 film, 'Grudge Match' starring Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Kim Basinger and Alan Arkin. 
"Grudge Match - Now Playing Spot 2 [HD]"

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I wish I had a drum roll for this. 
People everywhere can't stop talking about Grudge Match. 
Go to Twitter, #GrudgementDay. Just use your social media...all right, you guys got it. 
Critics are calling it... 
Audiences love it. 
They loved it. I loved it. Did I tell you I loved it, because I really did. 
Grudge Match is a holiday treat.  
This is huge, guys. 
Grudge Match.  
Well, lick me all over till I shine like a trout.  
Rated 'PG-13'. Now playing.  
(Lyrics) Boom boom boom boom 
Bang bang bang bang

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Grudge Match 
Now Playing 
"Stellar Cast" 
"Perfect Date Night Movie" 
"Double Fisted Comedy" 
"Legendary Matchup" 
"Upper-Cut Above The Rest" 
"A Must See" 
"Go See It This Christmas People" 
"Legendary Match" 
"A Blast" 
"Packs A Punch" 
"Knock You Out With Laughs!" 
"A Great Time At The Movies" 
@azgemfoodie Awesome 
@MelanielavetteRu **** 
@MrGrade_A A Must See 
"A Holiday Treat" - Nancy Jay, Daybreak USA 
The Holidays 
Aren't Over 
Until You See 
Grudge Match 
Now Playing 

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