Michael Caine stars in this advert for Sky Broadband services. Michael is looking to purchase a lighthouse, but his internet service doesn't work at the top of the building. The real estate agent explains to him that Sky offers a free Wireless booster to make the broadband signal read up to 100% further. 
"British Sky Broadcasting Broadband: Michael"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

On a clear day you can see France.  
France? I'd rather see a broadband signal like downstairs. Any chance of that? 
Ah. Is that a state agent for no? 
I mean, no. 
It simply can't reach up here.  
Sky's can. 
What's that? 
Sky broadband. They give you a free wi-fi booster. It makes you signal read up to 100% further. 
Job done. Where do I sign? 
Full name? 
My name is... Let me do that. 
Demand more. Take your broadband further with a free Sky Wireless booster. Sky. Believe in better.

Written Text

Carter Palmer 
Lighthouse For Sale 
Broadband connection lost 
Demand More From Your Broadband 
Believe in better

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