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Shows a silver Ford Mondeo driving down the road with a woman driver and a German Shepherd in the passenger seat. The woman is using voice commands to set the temperature and change the track on her CD. The dog barks to make his own music selection (Track 4) which starts playing a song about German Shepherds, and the dog barks along to the music.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Woman: Temperature 22 (C) 
Car: Temperature 22 
Narrator: Who's most likely to give you the only car in its class with voice control? 
Woman: CD changer 
Car: Track number, please 
Woman: Track... 
Dog: WOOF! 
Computer: Track 4 
(music plays) 
Narrator: Who's most likely? Ford, of course. Introducing the new ford Mondeo.

Written Text

New Mondeo Titanium from $44,990 drivaway.

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