Spike, the adorable Bulldog and his owner are going out for a ride in a new yellow Mini. Spike is unsure of the car, walking around it, sniffing everything before finally jumping inside to the passenger seat. Once the car is started and the two are driving through the city, Spike learns to love the Mini. He loves it so much that when they come to a stop, Spike barks a few times at the stop sign. Spike tested, Spike approved. The new Mini. 
"Commercial The New MINI 2014"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Come on, Spike. Come on. Spike.  
(Lyrics) I recall back in the day steppin' out on Friday night 
And throwing game every which way coming up and we're living the hype (we're living the hype) 
Me and my crew on cloud nine (cloud 9) 
We could ? down even we could wiggy down even touch and go 
I'm always gonna spread the info for those who want to know 
Do you wanna know 
You and I destroying the scene 
Getting up and down and in between

Written Text

The New Mini. The New Original.

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