This commercial for the Mazda3 is all about being the best. The commercial shows clips of the great athletes Bruce Lee and Jackie Robinson, and some of the great works of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Strive to be the best and you'll find incredible results. 
"2014 Mazda3 — Dare | Mazda USA"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If you're smaller, pack a bigger punch. If they think they've seen it all, prove them wrong. If no one believes in you, believe in yourself even more. This kind of conviction, creativity and courage is the Mazda way and how we made the all-new Mazda 3. A car that achieves greater fuel efficiency and performance. With Skyactiv Technology. With available safety features that see, sense and alert you to help you avoid accidents. And seamless connectivity to the world and the road. Dare the impossible and you can do the incredible. This is the all-new Mazda 3. What do you drive? 
(Lyrics) I could show you what you wanna see 
And take you where you wanna be 
I could lift you up 
Even if the sky is falling down  
I know that we'll be safe and sound 
Safe and sound 
Hold your ground 
Safe and sound 
Safe and sound

Written Text

Bruce Lee 
Frank Lloyd Wright 
Jackie Robinson 
41 HWY MPG EPA-Estimated 
Skyactiv Technology 
Groove Salad 
The Drive 
The all-new Mazda3 
Starting at $16,945 
Zoom Zoom

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