"At Sprint, Everything's Important - Thinking About You Commercial"  
With help from James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell, we honor Danielle and Tim's texts. Because everything you do on the new Sprint network is important. And in honor of all the important things you do, save $100 on any new smartphone when you switch to Sprint. It's for a limited time and only at

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sprint honors Danielle and Tim's Texts on our new network.  
I'm thinking about you.  
I'm thinking about you too.  
What are thinking about, about me?  
Just thinking about you.  
Yes, but what about me, exactly?  
Have to run to a meeting. Talk later.  
Hey, I'm still thinking about you.

Written Text

In honor of the important things you do, save up to $100 on any new phone when you switch to Sprint.  
Only at  
Sprint honors Danielle & Tim's Texts  
Sprint #HonorThis  
Save up to $100 on any phone when you switch your number  
Only at

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