A little girl and her grandparents are at a park with a water fountain. The grandparents aren't paying attention to their granddaughter, who is busy throwing money from Granny's purse into the water of the fountain. The money tossing kid is a symbol of what the grandparents could be losing if they haven't checked their comparison plan from Walgreens, to find out if they could be saving money on prescription co-pays through Medicare Part D. Stop wasting money. Go to Walgreens. 
"Walgreens: At the Corner of Happy and Healthy"

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If you haven't checked your Medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of, I'm throwing away money and I had no idea. Well, Walgreens has your back. Our expert pharmacists can help you find a plan that could save you more with our free comparison report. So you can keep your money where it belongs. Check your plan at Walgreens and you could save up to 75% on prescription copays. At the corner of happy and healthy.

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At the corner of  
Save up to 75% on Medicare Part D copays 
At the corner of happy & healthy

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