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This Super Bowl ad shows a bunch of losers in their college dorm room. One of the guys just set up a domain and web site with Go Daddy, and can supposedly "make anything happen". They watch their computer and Danica Patrick is getting ready for a shower, then add a woman from their school in the shower too. After this, their computer goes offline. A short while later, they are not being controlled online by Danica Patrick and the other woman. They make the boys slap each other.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dude, check it. Oh, your new domain and web site from Yup, and now that I'm online, like, I can make anything happen. Danica Patrick. Suddenly I have the urge to take another shower. This is awesome! Keep watching. This is my fifth shower today. Steamy! Steamy? Let's ad the German woman from the Dean's office. Miss Schmitt. Dude. Who are you? All I know is I'm supposed to wash your back. Hey, where'd they go? Uh, I have no idea. Make it work. I'm trying. Get 'em back. I'm trying. Time out. What is happening? These guys are complete stooges. I know. And finally, the fire extinguisher. Michael? Hey, Mike! What are you doing? Quit it! Sorry, boys. With my domain and web site from we are in control. Uh, Danica?! Go Daddy, Go go Go Daddy

Written Text

University Moments later... Go Daddy .com The web is your domain!

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GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Commercial for Super Bowl LI 2017

GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Commercial

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