This is a commercial for the 13th season premiere of the television show, 'American Idol' on FOX beginning January 15, 2014. This season's judges are Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

"American Idol TV Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Today's the day. We're finally on our way for my American Idol audition.
I'm done parking cars, I'm going to Hollywood!
I worked so hard.
I'm in love with music. If I could marry it, I'd totally do it.
I'm serious about finding somebody great.
This is like everything to them.
You really feel the lives of these people.
I love you so.
Don't say another word.
American Idol. The search for a Superstar. The two night premiere begins this Wednesday on FOX.

(Lyrics) Hope when you take that jump
You don't fear the fall
I did it all

Written Text

In 3 Days
The Search for a Superstar
American Idol
Wednesday 8/7c
American Idol XIII
2 Night Premiere
Wednesday & Thursday

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