Wendy's poses the question: what if other fast-food chicken sandwiches had the ability to dream? A pathetic competitor's chicken sandwich is lying on an open wrapper on a table. The dreamy wave lines commence and the chicken sandwich's dream begins. It dreams of the fancy, exquisite Asiago Ranch Chicken Club in the back of a limousine, on a red velvet pillow, with the Wendy's redhead riding next to him as the paparazzi shout questions and snap pictures. Out of the limo, the Wendy's redhead holds the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club on a platter on the red carpet as more photos are taken and questions shouted from the crowd. The Asiago Ranch Chicken Club entertains a room full of guests at a dinner party, telling funny anecdotes [or maybe just knock-knock jokes?] causing everyone at the party to howl with laughter. And finally, before the boring "generic" chicken sandwich awakens from it's dream, it dreams of driving a motorcycle down an open highway, with "Red" in a sidecar, lovingly shouting "Asiagoooooooo!". Being the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club sandwich from Wendy's is every other ho-hum fast-food chicken sandwich's dream. 
"Wendy's TV Commercial Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Wish Upon a Sandwich"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What if other chicken sandwiches could dream? 
Asiago! What will you wear for dinner? Asiago! Asiago! 
Asiago, we love you! 
Ha ha ha ha! Asiago, stop! Ha ha ha ha ha! 
Wooooooo! Asiago! 
Dream on, little chicken, 'cause there's only one Asiago Ranch Chicken Club. With rich Asiago, thick-cut bacon and cool & creamy ranch.  
Now that's better.

Written Text

Asiago Ranch Chicken Club 
Now that's better. 
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