This ad begins in the dining room of a large, old house on a story night. An old man named Dr. Frankenstuff is about to reveal his newest creation which happens to be Hormel's Frank 'N Stuffs - hotdogs filled with chili.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Doctor: Tonight I, Dr. Frankenstuff, reveal my greatest invention. Serve, Igor. 
Woman: A hotdog? 
Igor: Take a bite. 
Man: Wow! There's real chili inside. How'd you do that? 
Doctor: I tunneled deep into juicy Hormel franks and stuffed them so with rich, Hormel chili. 
Man: Absolutely amazing. 
Woman: Positively delicious. 
Igor: What do you call them, master? 
Doctor: What else, but "Frank 'N Stuff"? Ha ha ha ha ha. 
Announcer: Frank 'N Stuff from Hormel.

Written Text

Hormel Frank 'N Stuff 
Stuffed with Chili! 
Franks with Hormel Chili 
Frank 'N Stuff, Frank-n-Stuff, Frank 'n' Stuff, Franknstuff, Frankenstuff

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