Students all face challenges, and sometimes it makes their goals seem further away. University of Phoenix makes education attainable for even the busiest individuals through scholarship opportunities, industry-aligned courses and career planning from the get-go. 
"Hoops -- University of Phoenix"

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That's a man interviewing for a job. No, not that one. That one. The one who seems like he's already got the job, 'cause he studied all the right courses from the get-go.  
Oh yeah, you got the job. 
And that's an accountant. A mom. A University of Phoenix scholarship recipient who used our unique, scratch that, awesome career planning tool. And that's a student, working late with a day job. Taking courses aligned with the industry he's aiming to be in. Ready to build an education around the career that you want? Let's get to work.

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Up to $10,000 available with a Phoenix Scholarship 
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University of Phoenix

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