"Kendrick/Dre x Beats by Dre -- Director's Cut" 
(NSFW - for Language) 
This ad shows Kendrick Lamar trying to record a new track with Dr. Dre. He tries several takes, but just can't get it right. The both decide to take a break and come back to it tomorrow. Lamar goes to the barber shop and let's the guys listen to what they've got so far on his Beats Pill. He then gets a call from Dre who has figured out the problem - it needed different drums. They try it again and he gets it recorded on the first take.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dre: I'm at the studio. 3 or 4 in the morning. Something like that. I live here. Yo, what's up. You ready? 
Kendrick: Let's see how it sound. 
Mic check, one, two. Mic check. 
Hold on, stop the track one time. 
Dre: I don't know. Something's missing. 
Kendrick: What do you think? Let's try the bridge then come back. 
Dre: I'm with you. 
Kendrick: Eh, run it back, run it back, run it. 
Dre: I'ma come talk to you. 
Kendrick: Alright. 
Dre: What you think? 
Kendrick: I ain't feelin' it. The energy ain't there. I like the second take better than the first take, but overall the energy... I don't know. 
Dre: You know what, why don't we do this. Why don't we take it home, sleep on it. We been here a long time. 
Kendrick: You sure? I don't want to be defeated. I hate feeling defeated from the mic.  
Dre: You're not defeated. It's not you. I don't know what it is, but we'll figure it out tomorrow. 
Kendrick: Alright. Tomorrow. 
Hey what up? 
Kendrick: You all pushing hairlines back? 
Barber: He pushing hairlines back because he ugly. 
Kendrick: I don't know what it is, but there's something like missing. 
Barber: I'm an old dude, and I say that's hot. 
Kendrick: I don't know, it's bothering me, but... 
Dre: What's up? What's up? 
Kendrick: What we doin', Doc? 
Dre: Hey, I got it. 
Kendrick: Nuff said. Let's get it. I'm outta here. George and Weezy headline. Dre, I'm back. 
Dre: I figured it out. 
Kendrick: What you think? 
Both: Drums. 
Kendrick: Yup. 
Dre: Let's do it. 
I rap with a Pyrex 
In the projects 
I'm crack in a pot 
I'm a prospect 
I'm a pirate 
On a dock full of dope 
I can dissect any rapper 
You could vote for the Lochness 
You can not test no key in a Tesla 
Bitch, I ride like a freight train parked outside 
And my young niggas came with the extras, ah 
It's alive

Written Text

Beats by Dr. Dre 
Beats by Dre 
Beats Pill

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