"Prom Night, Moments to Remember - TurboTax Big Game Commercial Bonus Footage (Official :60)" 
This 2014 Super Bowl commercial shows a sad boy. He's supposed to be enjoying this "national holiday" of the Super Bowl, but his team isn't in it, so what kind of holiday is that? It's like going to prom and watching the girl you like get down with some other guy.

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They say today is a national holiday. Is it though? Maybe it's a Seattle holiday, and a Denver holiday, but for the rest of you it's a day of watching a team that's not your team playing the biggest day of the year. That's rough. That's like going to prom and seeing that girl you love, and watching her dance with some guy who isn't you. Some guy named Sean. For four hours. And there are stats on Sean, and breakdowns on Sean's moves, and highlights of Sean, and Sean in real slow motion. But this isn't prom. This is football, and you're watching some other team get lucky. Today's not a holiday for you. somebody stole your holiday. You need to take it back, and you can. Hop on TurboTax Federal Free Edition, answer some questions about yourself, and before you know it, you could be holding the biggest check of your year. And that day is your year - not Seattle's, not Dever's, and not Sean's. Intuit TurboTax. It's amazing what you're capable of.

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TurboTax and the Senior Class Prom Committee Present Prom Night Moments to Remember 
Home of the Fighting Tigers 
Sean - Age: 17.6; Spins: 25; Lip Bites: 634; Base: 2nd 
Intuit TurboTax 
Federal Free Edition 
Did you get a new job? Yes No 
Your refund of $2744 is on the way! 
Intuit TurboTax, Intuit Turbo Tax 
It's amazing what you're capable of.

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