John Krasinski explains his reaction when esurance informed him that they purchased the first commercial once the "Big Game" was over. This turns out to be a money saving move for esurance, and esurance is going to share some of that money saved with a lucky person! $1.5 million to be exact. You might get a stack of money with some of John's spilled guacamole, but who's gonna complain about that? 
"Esurance is giving away 1.5 million dollars."

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When esurance told me, "We bought the first commercial after the Big Game!", I was like, Great? And then they told me how much they saved. $1.5 million - about 30%, which is what they say they could save you. And since they like passing on their savings, that's what they're gonna do right now. With this, what? Yeah. Just tweet #EsuranceSave30 and they'll give all this to one of you. Oh! I think I got guac on the money. I'll just keep this. No. OK. Putting it back.

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in 7 1/2 minutes you could save on car insurance 
tweet for a chance to win $1.5 million  
insurance for the modern world

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