Welcome to the new world of Time Warner Cable, with the best in entertainment and the best ways to get it. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Time Warner Cable. Enjoy Better. 
"Grandma's House - Enjoy Better | Time Warner Cable"

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Welcome to the new world of Time Warner Cable. Come on in. The future's coming. We got the best entertainment. 
I saw this in the news the other day. 
Faster ways of getting it. We gonna be on your phones, tablets, and computers. We gotta be ready for super fast internet, people. Ann, put a little bit more spice in that for me, baby. TV anywhere, anyplace, any time.  
Fire in the hole! 
This is crazy.  
Didn't I tell you it would work? 
I can't hear.  
Victor, I told you about this super fast internet. Be more careful. Now this is my world. Hey. I can read minds too. Come on. Let's join your partner. 
Who's that guy? 
You ever heard of P. Diddy? 
Whatever you're passionate about... 
P what? 
...Time Warner Cable invents ways for you to enjoy it even better.

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Time Warner Cable 
Enjoy Better 
1-855-WANT TWC

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