"Visa Olympics Commercial Torin Yater-Wallace - Night Swim" 
What brings Torin Yater-Wallace out at night? What keeps him awake, when everybody else is sleeping? It's not about medals, crowds or podiums. It's only about his passion and his real love: skiing. 
Watch U.S. Olympic Freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace on one of his "night swims" and see his Everywhere come to life.

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Narrated by Torin Yater-Wallace - Olympic Skier: 
The day is too short. That's why at night I keep skiing in an ocean of snow. It's only me, and the mountain. No cameras. No crowds. No concerns. I'm Torin, this is my everywhere. 
Morgan Freeman: 
Supporting Olympic athletes for over 25 years. Visa, everywhere you want to be.

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Everywhere you want to be 

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