This ad shows people working in factories doing a variety of things from running machinery and power tools, blow torches, packing boxes, driving fork lifts and trucks, working assembly lines, and much more. Walmart is helping by purchasing many products from American companies.

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I get up at seven, yeah 
And I go to work at nine 
I got no time for livin' 
Yes, I'm workin' all the time 
It seems to me 
I could live my life 
A lot better than I think I am 
I guess that's why they call me 
They call me the working man 
They call me the working man 
I guess that's what I am

Written Text

Better Homes  
Made in the USA with over 75% U.S. parts 
Fresh Ocean Flowers 
Over the next ten years, we're pledging $250 billion to products purchased from American factories, and honoring the men and women who make them. 

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