The U.S. bobsled team's quest for glory at the Olympic Games in Sochi is powered in the two-man and women's events by a new BMW-designed sled. The stakes are particularly high as the men seek to bring home gold in the two-man event for the first time since 1936. 
"Driving on Ice"

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In our sport, every hundredth of a second is a hundredth that much closer to a medal or a hundredth that much further away from a medal.  
If you look at the last Olympics in Vancouver, second and third place were separated by one one hundredth of a second.  
That's the difference between winning medals and losing medals.  
The last time we won a gold medal was 1936 in the two-man bobsled.  
We needed to find the next level of sled. We approached BMW, we got their understand of what makes something go fast.  
First bobsled for BMW, first bobsled for me.  
Do we have enough time to dial these sleds in? 
Oh, straight into the wall. 
I couldn't steer. 
With this new bobsled, we can win a gold medal.  
I can't wait to get to Sochi. 
A special documentary presentation. Driving on Ice. Sunday, January 5th at 12:30 on NBC.

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78 Years Of Disappointment 
A Chance At Redemption 
Determined To Steer History 
Down A Different Course 
Pushed To The Limit 
Pulling 5 G's 
Pursuing Olympic Glory 
Driving On Ice 
Sunday Jan 5 12:30/11:30c 
Presented by BMW 
Proud Partner

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