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This ad shows a group of runners on a subway train. The doors open, but they just stand there waiting until another group of runners get on the train car. Then the group already on the train sprints off. They run while the train car goes along its tracks. The group really has to run quickly to keep up, and they climb walls, cross traffic, cut through alleys, and do anything else they can to keep this relay race going. At the next train stop, they make it in time, and the other team gets out and start running.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ooo wah oooo wa 
When criminals in this world appear 
And break the laws that they should fear 
And frighten all who see or hear 
The cry goes up both far and near 
For Underdog (Under Dog) 
Underdog (Under Dog) 
When in this world the headlines read 
Of those whose hearts are filled with greed 
Of those who rob and steal from those who need 
To right this wrong with blinding speed 
Goes Underdog (Under Dog) 
Underdog (Under Dog 
Speed of lightning 
Roar of thunder 
Fighting all who rob or plunder 

Written Text

Unnaturally quick 
Reebok ZQuick, Reebok Z Quick 

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