This is a commercial for the television series, 'Resurrection', premiering March 9, 2014 on the ABC network. The series stars Omar Epps, Devin Kelley, Frances Fisher, Kurtwood Smith, Landon Gimenez, Mark Hildreth, Matt Craven and Nicholas Gonzalez. 
"Resurrection premieres Sunday March 9 at 9|8c on ABC"

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I'm Agent Bellamy. Did your son go missing, sir? I have him.  
My son died 32 years ago.  
What's red and green and goes a million miles per hour? 
Frog in a blender! 
Honey, who is it? Jacob? 
(Lyrics) I'm coming home 
I'm coming home 
Tell the world I'm coming

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Coming March 2014 

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