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"Think Like A Man Too - Official Trailer -- In Theaters 6/20/14" 
The cast of Think Like A Man is back in theaters this Summer!

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Las Vegas. From the casinos to the clubs, to the pools and the strip bars it's the best place in the world for men and women to get their freak on. 
Zeke. Zekethe Freak. This man's a legend with the ladies. 
I can only imagine. 
Aw man, you ain't got to imagine. We got this on video. 
She don't want to see that. 
Zekethe Freak is back in town. 
I don't know that dude. 
And it's still the number one destination for couples to do the craziest thing of all. Get married. 
Are you in the adjoining suite? 
Once the door closes, you can barely hear a thing. 
Fortunately, I arrived the only way a sane person should. I'm talking about solo, people. 
Hey, that Lambo okay right there, right? That's my car. 
This is your bachelor party. The next 24 hours, the boys will be with the boys. 
And the girls with the girls. 
And that battle of the sexes, I was determined to keep us ahead of the girls. 
You're rollin' with the pros. 
Let's go. 
Boy Money Mayweather. Ow. 
For one blissful night, gentlemen, we are free from all of our obligations, all of our responsiblities,  
Oh god! This ain't over, Randy. 
Hey, Randy, I'm Bennett. 
Bennett, get your ass on. 
I don't know why women can't have just as much fun as men. 
Candice, meet Idris. 
Let's show 'em how it's done. 
Oh boy. 
You stole the boys' ride? Geez. 
I ordered a pimped out party bus with a stripper pole in it. Do we look like a group of guys that's gonna roll to a spot in something like this? 
As a matter of fact, you do. 
This is Vegas. 
Bar fight! 
While we in here right now, let me do all the talking. Cause I'm a season 1 holder of Oz. Have you seen it? 
Exactly, so you don't have the knowledge. Everybody listen up. 
Think Like a Man Too. 
It's too deep. I can't swim. 
It's like Finding Nemo with this dude. 
Should we help him? 
I'm in the house 
Let's go 
Girl I must warn you 
I sense something strange in my mind 
The situation is serious 
Come on baby, let the good times roll 
It's like Woodstock city, brand new villain 
And bark to the music, sucker than a psychic 
My heart beat acoustic, moves like Hendrick 
Walk to a fire, then I flame and kiss it 
Go hard in my lambo, strikes and a visit 
To meeting in the rain, gotta roll with the vision 
Vision of a good time, all I wanna know 
When the party gon' stop, let the good times roll

Written Text

Screen Gems 
A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company 
WP Productions 
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada 
This summer the guys are thinking bigger 
The girls are going further 
The competition begins 
Party Bus 
Knights of Las Vegas 
Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagen Good, Regina Hall, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence J, Jenifer Lewis, Romany Malco, Gabrielle Union, and Kevin Hart 
Hustler Hollywood 
Think Like a Man Too 
Coming Soon 

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