It shows one person helping another, who in turn helps another... 
A man walking down the street picks up a toy for a woman pushing a stroller. The woman, now in a coffee shop then slides a man's cup on the edge of the table toward the center so it doesn't fall. A man who sees this happen through the shop window later helps some man who fell down in the rain. A man who sees that holds the elevator for a woman. Someone who sees that stops a man parking his truck from running into a parked motorcycle. The woman who see that stops a man from falling over in his chair. Another woman saves a man from being hit by a pile of falling boxes. A man lets someone merge in front of him in traffic. A (different from above) man picks up a toy for another man pushing a stroller. The man pushing the stroller, is the original man who helped the woman in the stroller, and the chain continues...

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When it's people who do the right thing, they call it being responsible. When it's an insurance company, they call it Libery Mutual. Responsibility. What's your policy? Liberty Mutual.

Written Text

What's Your Policy? 
Liberty Mutual 
Auto Home Business Life

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