Meet Larry, HD holdout. He saves time by not rewinding DVDs — which is crazy. Kinda like taking 15 minutes for a quote. With Esurance, 7½ minutes could save you on car insurance. 

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You wanna save some time? The next time you rent a DVD, don't bother rewinding it. The way I see it, it's the next guy's problem.  
Oh, Larry. 
She thinks I'm crazy. 
But would a crazy person save 15% on car insurance in just 15 minutes? 
Fifteen minutes for a quote is crazy. With esurance, seven and a half minutes could save you on car insurance. Welcome to the modern world. Esurance, backed by Allstate. Click or call.

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HD Holdout 
7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance 
insurance for the modern world 
an Allstate company 

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