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"A Fit That Feels Like Fate" 
A neckline can turn you into an incurable flirt. An outfit can have powers of persuasion, and a fit that feels like fate. When it fits, you feel it.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When jeans fit like this, sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. 
This brings out my warrior princess. 
My mommy will make it all better sweater. 
This bra can end any argument. 
When I'm wearing this shirt, I don't need any luck.  
Have you seen me before? I don't know. Have you? 
JCPenney. When it fits, you feel it. 
(Lyrics) Oh when I think about it 
Oh when I think about it 
When I think about it every night, every day 
Everywhere that I go from my head to my toe

Written Text

When it fits, you feel it. |

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