"Amazing Things Happen - You Need To See This" 
This ad starts with people sharing pictures and videos on their Samsung smartphones. Then we see a dad filming his son doing a backflip on a trampoline. After this we start seeing people sharing things on their Samsung tablet devices, then we go even bigger with a large screen, curved Samsung TV. From the giant screen, we go tiny with the Samsung Gear smartwatch. For every must-see moment, there's a screen to match. From big to small, the most incredible things happen on a Samsung.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You gotta see this. 
You've got to see this. Look. 
You need to see this. 
Guys, you need to see this. 
You need to see this. You can do four things at once. 
I wish my TV curved. 
You need to see this. It's ringing. 
It does that. Hello. 
Can I see that? 
You need to see this. 
Take a look at this. 
You need to see this. 
Come on - look. 
Eww! Gross! 
This 4-gig resolution's incredible. 
This is unbelievable. Are you seeing this? 
From big to small. The most incredible things happen on a Samsung. 
Do you want to go 
to the plage with me? 
I'm going down-down-down 
there at 4 in the morning, 
most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 
Come down-down-down, 
my love is calling. 
Come over here with your heart 
And I will love your heart with mine.

Written Text

Cake Recipe - eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla 
Allison Hayes 

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