Don't let a blown tire turn your joy ride into a wild ride. Just follow these steps to get off the road safely. 
"How to Survive a Blown Tire"

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How to survive a blown tire. The startling sound of a blown tire can instantly turn any ride into a white-knuckled wild ride. If you hear a "boom!" and your car starts to swerve, don't panic. Follow these tips to get off the road safely. Release your foot from the gas pedal, but don't brake yet! Instead, hold the steering wheel with both hands and straighten out your car. Keep in mind that sometimes the car will become harder to steer as it slows, so make sure you maintain a firm grip on the wheel. As soon as it's safe, ease over to the right side of the road. Wait until your car has slowed down, then brake gently. Once you're safely off the road and stopped, call for roadside assistance. Or you can change the tire yourself if you're a cool DIYer like that. Now you've got the know how. Pass it on.

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how to survive a blown tire 
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