McDonald's 2014 Filet-O-Fish commercial features three men on a submarine, looking for the tasty Filet-O-Fish sandwich. The Captain is busy at the helm, while the two shipmates are busy singing about the deliciousness of the Filet-O-Fish sandwich. You don't have to search the seas yourself, just head to McDonald's for your fish sandwich. 
"McDonalds Filet of Fish Commercial 2014"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We are seeking fish delicious 
So ridiculicious 
We are craving crave-o-licious 
Much more than delicious 
It's Filet-O-Fish delicious 
You know exactly where to find it. The Filet-O-Fish, a flaky fish filet, melty cheese and tartar sauce, served up on a steamed bun. Now 2 for $4.00. There's something for everyone to love at McDonald's.

Written Text

I'm lovin' it

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