77% of the emergency services use Vodafone. Our latest TV advert highlights the everyday heroism of our emergency services.  
No actors, no CGI, just real firefighters doing what they do every day. We're proud that those who we rely on use Vodafone. 
"The Call - New Vodafone TV advert"

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People say, "But, don't you worry?" and I go, well, no. It's just what they do. It's what they're trained to do. They're used to it and so are you. But even after 27 years, you still want a call or a text. It's never "I love you", "I'm OK", "I'm safe". It's just "What's for dinner?". Tough bugger.  
77% of the emergency services use Vodafone. Vodafone. Power to our emergency services. Power to you.

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77% of the emergency services use Vodafone. 
Power to our emergency services 
Power to you

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