WWF Earth Hour, 8.30pm, Saturday 29th March - join millions of people switching off their lights for one hour, all across the planet 
"WWF's Earth Hour - Marks and Spencer 2014"

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(Lyrics) Will you recognize me in the flashing lights 
Something's gone inside me 
And I can't get it back 
Oh, heaven 
Oh, heaven 
I wait with good intentions 
But the day it always lasts too long 
Then I'm gone, then I'm gone 
Then I'm gone, then I'm gone 
Then I'm gone, then I'm gone

Written Text

You Turned Out The Lights 
To Prove We Can Unite 
Coming Together 
To Protect The Planet 
Earth Hour Has Become Far More Than Just An Hour 
Impacting Around The World 
Uganda Planting 500,000 Trees 
Russia Gathered 127,000 Signatures To Protect The Forests 
Argentina Protected 3.4 Million Ha Of Sea 
Across 154 Countries 
We've Built Earth Hour Together 
Now Let's Use It 
Earth Hour 
Your Power Amplified. Multiplied. Globalised. 
Be part of it. Sign up at:

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