It's Framily Dinner night at the Frobinsons, and Grandpa has some questions about Sprint's new network. Thankfully, Chuck is there to provide some valuable input 
"Grandpa gets the Network facts"

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Welcome to the framily, dad! 
I been hearing good things about Sprint's new network. 
Ah, it's unbelievable! Fewer dropped calls, better call quality. 
It's fast, right? 
Il est un tout nouveau reseau LTE utilisant le spectre tri-bande. (It's an all-new LTE network using tri-band spectrum) 
You can also text. 
Yes, you can also text. 
It's tres good. 
OK, I don't know where to go with that.  
Join America's newest network now with faster speeds, fewer dropped calls and better call quality. And for a limited time, get a switching bonus worth up to $650. Happy connecting from Sprint.

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America's Newest Network 
Faster Speeds 
Fewer Dropped Calls 
Better Call Quality 
Up To $650 Switching Bonus 
Happy Connecting 

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