Your world has no limits. Live it to the fullest with XFINITY from Comcast. The X1 Entertainment Operating Systemâ„¢ only from XFINITY, TV and Internet together like never before. A woman sits on her couch with her dog, watching cooking programs on Xfinity - because she can. Families can watch Sesame Street, or movies together, because they can. A man updates his travel blog, thanks to the high-speed internet from Comcast Xfinity. Because he can. Comcast Xfinity with the X1 Entertainment Operating System allows you to do anything and everything, all because you can. 
"XFINITY | Because I Can"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Every day, I discover something new. Because I can.  
We can watch this, or this. Because we can. 
That's why I stay connected. Because I can. 
Your world has no limits. Neither does your entertainment with Xfinity from Comcast. Enjoy X1 DVR that records four shows while you watch live TV. And the fastest in-home Wi-fi. The X1 Entertainment Operating System, only from Xfinity. TV and internet together like never before.

Written Text

Entertainment Operating System 
the future of awesome 

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