"Introducing Guided Search" 
Find what you're looking for and make a few discoveries along the way. What if you finally fixed up that scooter? Or said goodbye to the beard? Or spent the night in the trees? Watch a few of our favorite Guided Search moments?... 
This commercial shows how people use the new "guided search" features of Pinterest to find what they are looking for. A woman on the bus sees a book titled "Redwoods" and decides to look up that word on Pinterest. It then helps her look through the results by categorizing them into "California", "Forest", "Giant", etc. Next we see a father trying to help his daughters decide what to have for breakfast. The look through images of pancakes until they find a rainbow pancake recipe. It offers "recipe", "Healthy", "Banana". Another man pulls a tarp off an old moped, and decides to look up "scooter" on Pinterest. He is suggested, "Honda". A woman and her husband try to figure out how the man should cut/shape his beard, while another guy looks up how to build his own BBQ pit.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What do you want for breakfast. You want that. 
I like that. 
Alright, beards. 
Cool handlebar. 
This way? 
It looks kind of...

Written Text

Redwoods: A Guide to California's Giants 
California, Forest, Giant, Camping, National Park 
Pancakes, recipe, health, banana 
Scooter, Honda, kick, vintage 
beard, styles, tattoo, funny 
BBQ, Menu, Pit, Area, DIY 
Introducing P Guided Search 
It's full of possibilities 

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