Shows a new Photosmart printer, then it zooms into the display of the printer. There are a series of scrolling icons on the display (Disney, Coupons, USA Today, SpongeBob, Snapfish, Web Sudoku, Fandango, Google Calendar, Dreamworks, Google Maps, Recipies) and the person selects Google Maps on the touch screen. They then type in "Lake Maria", hit enter, and the letters fly out of the screen, and the commercial becomes computer animated. An animated station wagon is shown with a dog jumping into it. It drives away through the city, then through the mountains as if they are driving through Google Maps. They come to a stop by a lake where a Google "A" marker is shown. The camera zooms out until you can see the country, then you see it's someone holding a piece of paper (which, of course, the printer just printed). At the end is the HP logo with a finger pushing it with colored circles expanding out of it.

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The next generation of apps is here. Just type in an address and go. Now your sense of touch is also a sense of direction. Touch the web, print the web with the all new HP Photosmart Premium. The worlds first internet connected home printer. HP.

Written Text

Lake Maria 
Google Maps 
Hit Print 

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