Check out our sexy May looks. Sun-kissed shoulders and exposed legs are an essential part of our sexy May looks, from short sundresses and denim cutoffs to floral camis and T-strap sandals. This goes for you too, dudes. Keep it light and show some leg with our Lennox shorts. On top, layers in cotton and linen and a timeless pair of shades make your get-up ready to go. 

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(Lyrics) Seems familiar but we can't quite nail it down 
Can't remember 
But one thing we know for sure 
That it feels just like we've been right here before 
Oh yeah I swear we've been right here before 
Must be the deja vu 
Coming back to get you 
Must be the deja vu 

Must be the deja vu 
It ? did not forget you

Written Text


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