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This commercial for Dove is all about the unique beauty of a mother's body. Beauty is more than just an outside appearance. Beauty is the loving, caring, tenderness that a mother has for her children.  
"Dove A Mother's Body Commercial / Happy Mother's Day"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

If we watch their lips smile, singing the same lullaby they've sung a thousand times. If we watch their arms wrapped around babies' backs and cradles, made from pats and palms. We might realize how beautiful our mother's bodies are. If we watch their thighs stride down streets, pushing strollers, praying toddlers sleep. Or the tiptoes of their feet as the sneak in to tuck in kicked off sheets. When all their body longs for is one hot coffee. We might realize how beautiful a mother's skin can be. If we watch their laps, gallop horses around a thousand laughing playtime tracks, their backbones arching climbing frames and holdup tired piggybacks. As a mother's hug feels like the touch they never want to give away. We might realize the beauty that our mother's body makes. And as day fades to night again, smiles hiding weeps because they have not stopped for week on week. Fingers tuck in baby sheets, their lips moving forward, sealing children's dreams with one last kiss. We might realize how beautiful a mother's body is.

Written Text

Tell us how beautiful you think your mother is. 

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