ITV Encore - a brand new channel, dedicated to drama 
ITV has today released the new trailer for ITV Encore, which launches on June 9th, available on Sky Channel 123.  
ITV Encore will give viewers another chance to see, or a fresh opportunity to discover, some of the best ITV drama of recent times. 
"ITV Encore - A brand new channel, dedicated to drama"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Revisit the best of ITV drama with a new channel, ITV Encore. Available on Sky Channel 123 from June the 9th.  
(Lyrics) I'm not defeated, I believe that I can turn this ship around 
Destroy the status quo until I know I found a common ground 
I'm not alone, I'm just focused in my zone, this is easy 
I'm fine I just need time to turn this into home 
I'm good, believe me 
I'm gonna be big explosions, crack through thunderous mountains 
Hearts exploding, minds, volcanoes pop and blow 
I'm not alone, I'm not alone 
With all my friends and family 
Mum and dad, it's closing in on me 
I need recovery, coming home, I'm coming home 
And I need closure, I need closure

Written Text

There's a new place 
to look 
for modern British drama 
ITV Encore 
June 9th 
Available on Sky Channel 123

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